Dermatologist Cape Town – Where to find a good dermatologist in Cape Town

cape town dermatologist

Dermatologist Cape Town : A simple way to find a good Dermatologist in and around cape town.

Before we tell you how you can find a qualified and trusted dermatologist in cape town lets look at a brief description of what a dermatologist is:

A dermatologist can be a doctor who specializes in treating conditions that affect skin, hair, and nails. After generating a medical degree and performing an internship, a dermatologist obtains three more years of specialty medical training, becoming an expert focused on skin, hair and nails. Many dermatologists have general practices and discover patients with all types associated with skin concerns.

Some dermatologists gain additional training and expertise within a specific area of dermatology, like pediatrics, surgery, or cosmetics. They may go on to possess a practice that specializes in one of these brilliant areas.

Now how can you find the best dermatologist in your area who deals with your specific concern? well simple visit you’d be surprised how easy it is to find a good qualified dermatologist at the best prices.

Printing Cape Town : One of the oldest once printing startup in Cape Town

Printing Cape Town

Out of all the printing companies in cape town PARKADEprint has stood the test of time and have been open over 36 years and counting. Started by one one man with one goal good service and good prices. When it comes to Printing Cape Town many agree that parkadeprint is where the best service is at.

Parkadeprint specializes in plan printing and large format scanning but also offer a variety of other services such as business card printing, poster printing, log books, Large Format Colour Printing and much, much more

There is no job to big or to small for parkadeprint.

Their clientele include lawyers, architects, landscapers, varsity students and so much more.

Check out there website here :


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The Hyperloop Needs You

Before the internet was so well connected big companies used to get there risky projects funded by Government of the founders of these huge companies would pool there money together and self fund the risky stuff.

Thats Old School

Today in the internet age is a completely different landscape you apparently don’t need one entity to give you a billion when you can get a billion people to give you a dollar.

The Hyperloop

Have you heard of the Hyperloop? its the brainchild of Billionaire Elon Musk (The Iron Man movies are loosely based on his life). Musk has played a major role in the success of companies like PayPal, the hyperloop is his answer to transportation. If his previous successes is anything to go by then the hyperloop is one of the best investment opportunities of our time.

The Twist

Usually when Elon Musk took on a brave new venture he and his employees would through themselves at it sparing no expense until it became successful, this time they are wanting you to throw yourselves at it as-well!.


The Hypeloop engineers reached a agreement with JumpStartFund to source the funding from the crowd. If they succeed this will be the biggest crowdsourced project of our time not to mention the most prestigious.

Can it be done though? can such a huge undertaking be funded by the man on the street? well Elon thinks it possible do you?

How To Save Money While Shopping on Your Credit Card

It Seems silly to suggest you can save money buy shopping on your credit card, but the fact of the matter is that its possible as long as you are smart in the way you go about it.

The benefits of this simple system will depend on your personal bank and the type of credit card you own. Never the less to most this system will enable you to purchase items without paying the nasty charges associated with credit cards.

The System is simple:

Step one : Familiarize your self with the terms and conditions of your bank credit card find out when they charge interest and how many days are interest free? (many credit card providers offer a interest free periods).

Step Two : Purchase items on your credit that you want but cant really afford to pay cash for, make sure you can at-least afford the repayment

Step Three : make sure you purchase is made at a date that is two days or so less than the interest free days you receive on you credit card and make sure it falls two or so days after you get payed your monthly salary. This will ensure that you are always paying two or so days before the interest kicks in.

You can purchase something to the same value of what you earn, pay it off this way without incurring any interest or extra charges!

How you ask?

By simply paying your entire salary into your credit card which will tell your bank you payed your credit card debt with in the interest free period and you wont be charged interest! pay your monthly expenses from your credit card and leave what ever you have left over in the credit card account.

Repeat this system each month and you will not only save by not paying interest on your goods you will receive points for paying you bills on time and via you credit card.

Many banks give points to shoppers who pay their bills via credit card some even let you change it into tickets for your next flight…

Enjoy your savings…

And MTA App Quest Winner Is Citymapper !

The winners of the second annual App Quest Competition were announced today in NYC’s Grand central Station, the perfect place for such a grand event. The event which is a combined effort between AT&T and NYU-Poly received 49 applicants for the App Quest. The submissions came in from all over the world. Though it startedContinue Reading