Basic Rules  that will make you a Customer Service Rockstar.

Basic Rules that will make you a Customer Service Rockstar.

Customer Service

Be available or have someone be.

Business connect on various platforms today from the simple telephone to email,Facebook, twitter ect. As a general rule if you advertise or are active on a platform make sure you are available on those platforms by checking regularly or having someone check regularly.

Don’t keep someone waiting humans are impatient beings.

 Answer Questions they haven’t asked yet.

Customers even though the might love your company or brand/product still just want to get all the necessary info as soon as possible.

When answering customer queries regarding a product for example , be as descriptive and as clear as possible so you can limit the constant back and forth making the process of buying from you as streamlined as possible.

If  for example your customer emails you asking how much your Blender costs, but does not give a model  number don’t reply with “which model are you referring too?” instead reply with the cost of your five most popular models  and their respective features.

In your reply you could  pitch in a question to show interest and even help the client decide which is best for their needs. The question could be as simple as “Hi John how often would you say you would need to use the blender and what types of items would you be blending”.

To Promise or not to Promise

Some marketers believe in never promising a client anything that way you cant be held responsible. This however is not practical sometimes customers sometimes demand a timeline or some sort of commitment.

Therefore its best to use your promises to your advantage, a promise to deliver the correct item in 24 hours after the wrong one was delivered will be exactly what is needed to mend you image in a clients eyes.

If you promise anything make sure you a able to deliver , if you promise to have an order ready by Wednesday make sure it is, this applies to all deadlines or appointments.


Go the extra mile even if there no immediate profit in it for you.

I once had a problem with the left-click button on my laptop it was abit stuck, i walked into a random laptop repair shop in Cape Town and the guy oppened and clipped it in and charged me nothing! So when i dropped my laptop a few months later where do you think i took it to be repaired?

Also a few of my buddies took their equipment to the same guy upon my recommendation. So yes i know it sounds abit counter intuitive to do things for free when you running a business, sometimes however going the extra mile can make you more money in the longrun.


A litlle extra wont hurt.

People love to feel special or appreciated, it does not need to be a big gesture it just needs to be meaningfull .

A guy who sold genuiene leather belts at a local flee market would offer  to punch extra holes that suited their waist size for a better custom fit.

This is small but meaningfull as id rather buy it at his store then buy in a store and find an object that i could make a hole with (which usually ends up damaging the leather).

Or like  a majour departmet store will send out coupons which you could  use on your next purchase. One such thing happened to me when i stopped shopping at a store i usually did (wasnt anything they did just never had time) they sent me coupons for discount on my next purchase and when i still failed to go and use it, they sent me a  diffrent coupon which i could use as cash to purchase from them which meant it wouldnt cost me anything!

Geuss what! When i went to use my coupon i ended up buying some other things i wanted and remenbered why i loved their products and have  been back multiple times since.

Remember this truth, if you don’t  take care of your cutomers your competition will. When you provide great cutomer service you will build your brand and in return gain many more customers.

Thats why the best marketing tool is still great Customer Service.

What Basic rules of customer service has worked for you?

Dermatologist Cape Town – Where to find a good dermatologist in Cape Town

cape town dermatologist

Dermatologist Cape Town : A simple way to find a good Dermatologist in and around cape town.

Before we tell you how you can find a qualified and trusted dermatologist in cape town lets look at a brief description of what a dermatologist is:

A dermatologist can be a doctor who specializes in treating conditions that affect skin, hair, and nails. After generating a medical degree and performing an internship, a dermatologist obtains three more years of specialty medical training, becoming an expert focused on skin, hair and nails. Many dermatologists have general practices and discover patients with all types associated with skin concerns.

Some dermatologists gain additional training and expertise within a specific area of dermatology, like pediatrics, surgery, or cosmetics. They may go on to possess a practice that specializes in one of these brilliant areas.

Now how can you find the best dermatologist in your area who deals with your specific concern? well simple visit you’d be surprised how easy it is to find a good qualified dermatologist at the best prices.

Printing Cape Town : One of the oldest once printing startup in Cape Town

Printing Cape Town

Out of all the printing companies in cape town PARKADEprint has stood the test of time and have been open over 36 years and counting. Started by one one man with one goal good service and good prices. When it comes to Printing Cape Town many agree that parkadeprint is where the best service is at.

Parkadeprint specializes in plan printing and large format scanning but also offer a variety of other services such as business card printing, poster printing, log books, Large Format Colour Printing and much, much more

There is no job to big or to small for parkadeprint.

Their clientele include lawyers, architects, landscapers, varsity students and so much more.

Check out there website here :


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The Hyperloop Needs You

Before the internet was so well connected big companies used to get there risky projects funded by Government of the founders of these huge companies would pool there money together and self fund the risky stuff.

Thats Old School

Today in the internet age is a completely different landscape you apparently don’t need one entity to give you a billion when you can get a billion people to give you a dollar.

The Hyperloop

Have you heard of the Hyperloop? its the brainchild of Billionaire Elon Musk (The Iron Man movies are loosely based on his life). Musk has played a major role in the success of companies like PayPal, the hyperloop is his answer to transportation. If his previous successes is anything to go by then the hyperloop is one of the best investment opportunities of our time.

The Twist

Usually when Elon Musk took on a brave new venture he and his employees would through themselves at it sparing no expense until it became successful, this time they are wanting you to throw yourselves at it as-well!.


The Hypeloop engineers reached a agreement with JumpStartFund to source the funding from the crowd. If they succeed this will be the biggest crowdsourced project of our time not to mention the most prestigious.

Can it be done though? can such a huge undertaking be funded by the man on the street? well Elon thinks it possible do you?

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